Top Japanese affiliate programs that actually earn Japanese yen

Since a half year ago, I have launched a Japanese blog and incorporated an affiliate program on this same website and earned Japanese Yen to some extent. Though it is not like a million of money, the increase of accumulated money that I made is not a bad thing.

Then, I noticed just a few days ago that “Are these affiliate programs are well-known by foreign bloggers? If not, wouldn’t it big loss for them?” Then, I Googled it, and found quite a few people are looking for Japanese affiliate program.

Thus, hereby I introduce several Japanese affiliate programs that actually work and make money so far.

Here we go.


This is the most well-known affiliate program in Japan besides Amazon and Rakuten. The great point of this program is that the unit price for each program is really high. For instance, some program even can make money only from member registration of websites and earn not $0.001 but $20.00. Since it is the largest ASP in Japan, you definitely will find some program that matches to your website. I began to use this program from since a month ago and now earned more than $900 with this program though I blog posts two articles per month. It is not much money, but, it does make money. If you are fed up with a low commission rate (e.g. Amazon, Rakuten), this is the first program that you need to introduce right away.

2. Value Commerce

This is the second largest ASP in Japan. Though it does not contain as much as programs as, sometimes you could find a good program not listed on

3. Access Trade

Yeah, I registered myself for this program, but so far I have not used this one at all. It is because I could not find the programs that matches to my website. May be you can? But for me, I must say this program sucks.

4. Amazon Associate Japan

Yes, it goes without saying, this is the most well-known ASP all over the world. Amazon Associate Program works pretty much same as other English version. So the thresholds to begin Japanese affiliate with Amazon Japan can be the easiest one I would say.

For now, these are all I know. Some program does not have an English guide for registration so you need to ask for help to Google translate. But it is a piece of cake for those who have a bit experience.